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We create a sustainable environment for the development of young people in the field of development and implementation of European projects. Education and training are essential for the development of young people, and that is why the main objective of the ICDET is to provide many opportunities for acquiring the experience, skills, and qualities necessary for the development of young people through informal methods. With the opportunities provided by the ICDET, young people successfully fill their gaps in formal education. 

By combining the two forms of training and practical experience through our association, they are ready to face current problems related to the acquisition of experience and good professional qualifications and the realization of the labor market during and after graduation, as well as the uncertainty of completing secondary education. The experience, knowledge, and skills everyone acquires are an important part of his personal and professional development. Members and collaborators of the ICDET have the opportunity to develop in different directions depending on their preferences and interests. 

Promote social responsibility

Developing an active sense towards social responsibility, human rights, multiculturality, interculturality, the conservation of the environment and cultural heritage.

Promote sports

International Center for Development of Education and Training promotes leisure time activities in the areas of sports, culture, and adventure.

Support others

Our organizations support public and private entities, both national and foreign, in the development and implementation of policies related to every citizen’s problems.

Promote volunteerism

Our organization promotes volunteering as an opportunity for personal development and at the same time stimulates the development of ideas, projects, and exchanges.

Participating in European mobility projects

Develop personally, professionally, and academically. Gain new transferable skills and boost your employability. Broaden your horizons – physically and mentally!

Education for Development

ICDET has a role in the social, cultural, environmental, professional, economic, and business sectors. We also organize traineeships, training activities, language courses, seminars, meetings, workshops, and cultural visits.

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