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The project is funded by Erasmus+ KA1 of EU from HRDC in the period from 01.02.2018 to 08.10.2018 hosting 3 EVS volunteers from Italy, Turkey and Poland


In this first part of the project, according to the team's objectives, media preparation activities were carried out - defining the mainline of the materials to be published and their type - audio, video and text, technical training on the use of the equipment and software for filming and editing of the materials, exploring the places in Sofia where materials could be created. Sample scenarios for material flow were also created during this segment.


At this stage, the materials were refined - especially the video materials for which the EVS volunteers developed a new vision - the intro. Formats for monitoring and evaluating broadcasts from the audience such as POLL and QUIZ were also launched.

The weekly work of the volunteers was identified in WEEKLY JOURNALS, which stood permanently as a format in articles in the magazine, giving the audience the opportunity to be in touch with the volunteers' everyday life.
According to the plan at this stage, PERSONAL PROJECTS were launched and the volunteers themselves chose to stick to the main work of the project.


Since Eva and Mauro completed their work at ICDET, our organization has established a sustainable model for producing materials, thanks to the many attempts made by our volunteers to come up with a working methodology that eventually succeeded. As can be seen now, a variety of materials are published every 2-3 days with the participation of different young people from different countries.

Most importantly, the concepts of Share, Explore, Event, Culture, and Entrepreneur provide useful educational materials on key topics for young people.


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