We in the ICDET believe that people are at the heart of our success. And because our success depends on the skills, creativity, talent, thought and decisive action of our entire team, we are constantly developing our organization and providing new opportunities for growth and improvement to our team and members.

It is important for us to work with motivated people who like their work and meet everyday challenges with a smile. We believe that we can achieve a great deal together by relying on creativity, team diversity and non-standard approaches.

Being part of the ICDET team is an excellent opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills. Your potential is the capital we value the most and we invest strategically!


As an intern in our organisation, you will be able to enjoy a  flexible week schedule. We firmly believe that our interns should not only focus on their internship themes, but also on their personal development through activities of their choice.


An internship is perfect to improve your skills and put them into practice. If you are a postgraduate, this is the best option for you to start your professional career, as we do not require any experience in this field and you will be learning by doing. More importantly, European projects are nowadays a symbol of Europe. Non-formal learning through training courses and youth exchanges abroad is becoming more and more important to gain those necessary soft skills and know how to be flexible, able to work in an international context and re-invent your self everyday to do better.  

ICDET hosts EuGen interns

ICDET is accreditatde to host interns from EuGen which is Designer and Intermediary Organization in the Consortium of Italian Universities , co-financed with Erasmus + funds called Universities for EU projects.


ICDET is registered as host in is the place where interns and internships meet. Here students that would like to do an internship abroad can have their profiles online, search for internships and apply. On the other hand, Companies and Organisations that are offering internships can post for free their vacancies and see if the applications they received are suitable for the position that they have opened. See more


Rosario Mussachia

I'm very thankful to ICDET organization for giving me the opportunity to be part of a great team and to be part of useful projects that gave me the opportunity to improve my languages and professionalls skills.

Sofia Tonelloto

Thanks to the Erasmus project I was able to spend three months in Sofia to carry out my curricular internship at ICDET. My internship took place mainly in the human resources department where I was able to put into practice the knowledge developed at university and compare myself for the first time with the world of work. I worked on the creation or improvement of evaluation forms for training courses, helped for the organization of interviews and creation of materials for social media, creation and management of ice breakers for events ... but this experience was not only work, I'm thankful for everything.



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