Focus of the traineeship is euro-planning and management of EU funded projects*:
(including exploring EU funds opportunities on behalf of the host Organization)

Focus of the traineeship is digital skills

ICDET is taking all nessesary mesures to prevent its crew from COVID 19!

ICDET is the most active association in Bulgaria and a part of alliance with more than 30 partners throughout the world. Our main goal is to promote European values and develop modern competences through the implementation of projects on local and international level. All of our members and associates have prior experience in various initiatives such as Erasmus+ mobilities, educational courses, volunteering, academies for development and etc.

We strive to invest in different people‘s potential because that is the capital we need!

Expect from us a team of balanced professionals who work to inspire the community to take initiative and achieve the impossible while promoting key democratic principles.

Be the change the world needs!

Our interns have a flexible weekly schedule, mainly working in our cloud system. Their program is focused on personal development and acquiring new skills and work experience of their choice, along with provision of a personal mentor/supervisor. Internship is unpaid and is designed for students with Erasmus+ or other grant.

Your first step in ICDET is to complete our mandatory “On-Arrival Training” in order to gain a basic perspective on what to expect during your internship and stay in Bulgaria. Once you become familiar, you will begin your path of development in one of our main departments. Internships are the best way to prepare yourself for the global market and world. Acquiring new knowledge and skills while putting them into practice is our main working methodology, as we call it: learning by doing.

That means that you do not need any prior experience – you are here to gain such!

After finishing your internship, you will be able to:

  • work in international environment

  • understand and express different opinions

  • adapt to various situations

  • implement your ideas

We are here for you!

Our interns have to finish Pre-Departure & On-Arrival trainings before they begin.

They also receive an Infopack with what to expect during their internship and stay in Sofia. When arriving in Bulgaria, a representative will welcome them and take them to the accommodation. We are also providing 24/7 guidance from our supervising team. By that mean, as an intern, you would be able to enjoy your stay while developing yourself.

After finishing your placement, you will have received new job experience, gained state-of-the-art skills, and received an ICDETpass to serve as a proof in your CV in front of your future employers.

welcome to the department with personnel touch

The “Human Resources and Training” department evaluates the performance of our team (members, associates and staff), provides them with working motivation while monitoring their needs as well.

This unit offers a training for development of the necessary competences and acquisition of new professional qualities.

Some of the main tasks in the HRT department involve:

  • Crew distribution and guidance

  • Manage and create various trainings

  • Team management

  • Conducting online & face-to-face meetings

  • Improve the working atmosphere

  • Provide solutions to any unexpected situations

  • Staying positive!

Human resources is not a thing we do, it is the thing that runs our business.

As an intern in this department, you will be expected to finish a training and then join the current HRT crew. This position would provide you with the opportunity to be the unofficial psychologist, event planner, peacemaker, lawyer, teacher or simply said: the person in charge!


we are the face of…. everything!

The “Public Relations, Marketing and Media” department develops and accelerates the process of informing the publicity through innovative methods and systems.

The work of this department covers fully the activities that ensure accessibility and transparency regarding our work - our actions can be seen in the most popular social media channels like Facebook and Instagram from people of different backgrounds.

Your main tasks during the internship would be connected with further improvement and innovation of the department.
As a unit, the PRMM department offers a training for development of the necessary competences and acquisition of new professional qualities.Remember, information is the currency of democracy and can only be useful     when it is easily understandable!

Some of your main tasks would be:
    •    Plan
    •    Write
    •    Create
    •    Learn
    •    Express
    •    Manage
    •    Promote
    •    Establish
    •    Be the face!



the fundamental base or simply the reason for success

The PDD Department gives the opportunity for personal development, live project proposals with funding from the EU, National and International institutions, all Key Actions of the Erasmus+ program, European Solidarity Corps, as well as other projects related to the European Commission's priorities for fighting climate change, reduce of youth unemployment and the proportion of young people who dropped out of school at an early age.

After completion of our training, you will be familiar with EU funded and Erasmus+ projects. You will be able to:

    •    successfully prepare, implement, write a project proposal
    •    establish your own personal project
    •    find funding

The development from draft to successfully funded projects proposals is a unique opportunity, which will give you the needed experience and will put you in real international work environment.


our essence is to make knowledge productive

Management is a set of principles relating to the functions of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling, and the application of these principles in harnessing physical, financial, human, and informational resources efficiently and effectively to achieve organizational goals

Leaders work with goals and vison, while managers are working with objectives.

MIT interns’ main tasks usually cover:

    •    leading and managing our crew and staff
    •    providing support
    •    ensuring high quality of task implementation
    •    coordinating and managing current and future plans of ICDET

With great power comes a great responsibility, as well. That is why our interns will also maintain active correspondence with our partners from all over the world. Our work is based on skills, development, and trust.



You still do not know what to do? Now it is your time to try and decide! International Center for Development of Education and Training encourages its interns to develop and utilize their knowledge and interests into a program of their choice.


This opportunity is the perfect one for people with exceptional motivation, vision, and creativity. With the help and provision of our crew you will establish your personal and unique study curriculum and try more than one department or position in another company.

Our innovative SD interns would be able to:

    •    value the pursuit of knowledge
    •    use creativity
    •    synthesize theories
    •    demonstrate mastery
    •    develop critical thinking
    •    establish new skills and competences


Your future path of career and personal development is finally in your hands!

Do not be afraid to fail, Be afraid not to try!


Regarding insurance of the suitable cost of living, quality and safety of hosted by us mobilities, our policy is to accept only interns ready to be accomodated in ensured by ICDET apartments. 

Interns are accommodated regarding the period availability in shared apartments only with other hosted by ICDET trainees, volunteers and interns in double rooms* with private or shared bathrooms and shared kithenettes.


The price is 170 EUR /month and includes all bills (electricity, hot/cold water, taxes, accommodation insurance, fiber internet and 200+ channels television). You will be provided with bed sheets and full equipment of the apartment. There is also a cleaning service every week - bed sheets change and disinfection.

The base is consisted of apartments with 2 or 3 double rooms, which are fully equipped with essential tools for a European standard of life. There is Air-Conditioning, TV, Wi-Fi, and an opportunity to choose between shared or private bathroom. Every apartment has a fully equipped common kitchen facility. All rooms are with provided bed sheets changing on Weekly cleaning Service. 

The base is located in one of the most comfortable areas of Sofia – Druzhba.

There you can find: a shopping center, many markets, railway station, airport, two metro stations and many bus and trolley lines. There is also a lake park nearby, making Druzhba one of the best possible places to live.

*Regarding availability for the period which you choose we can offer you SINGLE room with private bathroom for 290 EUR per month on same conditions


Internship is unpaid and is designed for students with Erasmus+ or other grant.

EUGEN and candidates need to apply true the platforms!


ICDET is registered as host in is the place where interns and internships meet. Here students that would like to do an internship abroad can have their profiles online, search for internships and apply. On the other hand, Companies and Organisations that are offering internships can post for free their vacancies and see if the applications they received are suitable for the position that they have opened. See more

ICDET hosts EuGen interns

ICDET is accreditatde to host interns from EuGen which is Designer and Intermediary Organization in the Consortium of Italian Universities , co-financed with Erasmus + funds called Universities for EU projects.

ICDET is certificated from InterMobil Intercultural competence training for SMEs hosting European mobilities. The overall aim of the InterMobil project is to create a more favourable environment for youth exchanges and mobility programmes in the field of VET and Labour Market placements.


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