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  • The focus of the traineeship in euro-planning and management of EU-funded projects (including exploring EU funds opportunities on behalf of the Host Organization)

  • The focus of the traineeship entrepreneurship and digital skills development

  • ICDET is taking all necessary measures to prevent its crew from COVID 19!

ICDET is the most active association in Bulgaria and a part of an alliance with more than 30 partners throughout the world. Our main goal is to promote European values and develop modern competencies through the implementation of projects on a local and international level. All of our members and associates have prior experience in various initiatives such as Erasmus+ mobilities, educational courses, volunteering, academies for development and etc.

We strive to invest in different people‘s potential because that is the capital we need!

Expect from us a team of balanced professionals who work to inspire the community to take initiative and achieve the impossible while promoting key democratic principles.

Be the change the world needs!

Your first step in ICDET is to complete our  “OnBoard Training” to gain a basic perspective on what to expect during your internship and stay in Bulgaria. Once you become familiar, you will begin your path of development in one of our main departments. Internships are the best way to prepare yourself for the global market and world. Gain new skills while putting them into practice is our main working methodology, as we call it: learning by doing.

That means that you do not need any prior experience – you are here to gain such!

After completing your internship, you will be able to:

  • work in an international environment

  • understand and express different opinions

  • adapt to various situations

  • implement your ideas

We are here for you!


MANAGEMENT & IT Department

Organization of all processes of local and international projects activities  and events related to the projects;

  • Tutoring, mentoring & supervision of all volunteers, currently engaged in our NGOs everyday work;

  • Complete know-how on the management of Non-government organizations with horizontal structure;

  • Production of intellectual outputs - research, collecting, and structuring of information.

  • Maintenance, structure, improvement, and development of all platforms used as the main work tool by our NGO - GDrive, Social media platforms;

  • Creation and implementation of innovative methods & practices, ICT tools for work and facilitation;

HR & TRAINING Department

  • Development of various working methodologies for our associates, members, interns, trainees and volunteers.

  • Consulting young people on the opportunity to participate in such a project;

  • Recruitment of new associates and members, attending interviews, providing information about our organization on all online & offline channels;

  • Language classes and language preparation courses for our volunteers, members and associates in various languages;

  • Innovative psychological therapy sessions for all people, involved in the organization - crew & volunteers.


  • Development of the E+MEDIA4YOUTH media portal, 

  • Expansion of our "E+XPO" project, where we promote Erasmus+ opportunities in schools, universities, and companies, develop, manage, facilitate and disseminate events related to it;

  • Establishment of ICDET events, managing and facilitating them, and planning the calendar for each month;

  • Management of all social media channels of the organization - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and expanding them;

  • Creation of materials (online media posts, videos, movies, articles, radio interviews);

  • Expanding the public relation of ICDET with other NGOs in Sofia and Bulgaria, closing new partnerships with organizations and institutions on local, regional, national, and international levels.

  • Dissemination activities for all projects.


  • After completing training, department crew is familiar with EU-funded projects

  •  implementation of a successful preparation,

  • writing and sending project proposals for all Key Action activities of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity corps programmes of the European Union;

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