Оur members are successful because:


  • There are trainings that contribute to their development;

  • They have the opportunity to participate in all the forthcoming projects under ERASMUS +, on which the Ministry is a partner;

  • They are informed about upcoming events, initiatives, trainings and projects at ERASMUS + at local, national or international level;

  • Priority will be given to the selection of ERASMUS + project participants;

  • They have the opportunity to develop their language skills by communicating with people from all over the world in different languages;

  • They are exempted from filling in documentation when applying;

  • They are exempted from paying the WARRANTY FEE for participation.


Each of the members of ICDET has the opportunity to join one or several departments as an associate according to his / her interests and skills. In this way, he will be able to participate in the planning of the organization's activities, to offer new ideas and strategic decisions in given situations. With each activity carried out, collaborators gain experience that will make them more confident in the future when they are confronted with activities at local, national or international level. By participating in managing and implementing our exchange programs, ICDET collaborators communicate daily with people from around the world, contributing to the improvement of their language skills.



Filling an application form FOR NOW WE ACCEPT ONLY BULGARIANS

Payment of membership fee of BGN 100.00 per calendar year by bank transfer of the account specified in the received mail for approval.

Signing a membership agreement.

Under the ICDET policy, candidates with FEWER OPPORTUNITIES may benefit from a reduction in membership fees or be exempt from pay under the circumstances



Our associates receive practical experience through activities such as:


  • Preparing supporting material for the tasks;

  • Maintaining the Facebook page and the organization's website;

  • Participation in teambuilding, organized events and parties;

  • Ability to represent the organization of meetings, discussions and trainings organized by the ICDET;

  • Conducting interviews and writing articles that will be published in the online radio, television, newspaper and magazine of the ICDET;

  • For each acquired skill, collaborators and members receive a certificate;

  • Each associate undergoes special training and is sent as the leader of the groups of participants;

  • The ICDET works with its collaborators FULLY ONLINE. with which it ensures FULLY INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM of its assistants;

  • The working process of the collaborators is being developed with them and depending on their time.

ICDET helps each associate to efficiently realize their ideas and dreams, to achieve a higher level in their personal and career development. We value the qualities of everyone, because for us they are not just collaborators of our team but members of our "family". We also support the disadvantaged young people by giving them an equal start!


Filling in the application form - FOR NOW WE ACCEPT ONLY BULGARIANS

Signing agreement after approval

Uses full membership rights but does NOT PAY MEMBER IMPORT

In the case of an activity drop, it is automatically released.

Pursuant to the ICDET policy, applicants for associates with limited opportunities may benefit from a reduction in dues or be exempt from payment in the circumstances





As an VOLUNTEER Sending, Hosting and Coordinating accreditated organization , ICDET gives the opportunity for young people between 17-30 years of age to express their personal commitment to the community through the implementation of full-day unpaid and voluntary service for up to 12 months in another country in or outside the EU. This activity allows volunteers to contribute to the daily work of organizations working in the areas of: youth policies; personal and educational development of young people; civic engagement, as well as other areas such as social care, social inclusion of disadvantaged people, environmental education programs in the field of informal education, ICT and media literacy, culture and creativity and more.


We in the ICDET believe that people are at the heart of our success. And because our success depends on the skills, creativity, talent, thought and decisive action of our entire team, we are constantly developing our organization and providing new opportunities for growth and improvement to our team and members.

It is important for us to work with motivated people who like their work and meet everyday challenges with a smile. We believe that we can achieve a great deal together by relying on creativity, team diversity and non-standard approaches.

Being part of the ICDET team is an excellent opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills. Your potential is the capital we value the most and we invest strategically!



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