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ПОТВЪРДЕНО! Следваща дестинация за 2017 - КИПЪР!

Потвърдено бе участието на 6 членове на МЦРОО в проекта Recycle Upcycle който ще се проведе от 30 Септември до 8 октомври 2017 г в Паралимни, Кипър!

Ето и първоначалната информация около проекта:

Project Description: Our project will cover two main concerns, namely unemployment and environmental conservation. We have found with so many problems most people lose interest in issues of environmental conservation and often focus only on the problem of unemployment. This project will combine environmental conservation by creating opportunities for employment in these industries and fields. NAUTILOS SEARCH AND RESCUE TEAM 11 Agrafon Str, 2027 Strovolos, Lefkosia, Cyprus Tel: 7000 4357 – Fax: 22518070 It is known that unemployment is a major concern for all EU countries, and we are also aware of the environmental problems we face. The idea is to combine the two and try to achieve solutions for both problems. We will look at how we can use waste, items which are generally turned into pollution as a form of income. This will allow people who are in desperate need of finding employment to be able to start working from home or to start small businesses in their communities with very little costs. This project will give value to waste and also reduce unemployment. This project is especially of importance to young people in smaller communities. We will look at recycling and also upcycling and find ways for young people to become active in their communities to turn their communities into more sustainable ones and at the same times find ways to overcome unemployment in these areas.

Info Pack: This is info pack1, info pack 2 will be sent very soon with details about schedule, participant tasks and registration, Facebook group, weather, accommodation/venue and many other vital information about the project.

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