The results of ERASMUS + in ECO action in Sofia | Резултатите на ЕРАЗЪМ+ в ЕКО действие в София.

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

The first-graders from 1a and 1b class of 4th school "Prof. John Atanasov" who won 100 trees from the game organized by the Foundation "77", registered as a natural continuation of the initiative "When we become 100,000 we will plant a forest", after carefully preserving the trees this spring, together with

the other classes, they will be planted in the Druzhba1 area.

The event will be the first part of the continuation and dissemination of the results of the youth exchange YE Afterlife of plastic Dragon on the topic of ecology, on which MCROO was a partner in February in Struga, Macedonia.

Some of the participants in the project of MCRIO will introduce the children to the Erasmus + program, ecology and environmental protection. The mini eco holiday will end with games, songs and dancing.