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NEW DESTINATION! през Септември - Лондон

Колегите от OTI INTERNATIONAL ни съобщиха за полученото ОДОБРЕНИЕ на Младежкия Обмен 'Mission Vision' който ще се състои в Лондон от 06 до 14 Септември 2017 и по който МЦРОО е партньор от Българска страна и ще изпрати 4 младежи съпроводени от лидер на организацията.

Ето и първоначалната информация предоставена от домакините:

Project Description:

This project is a follow up project build by the partnership as a direct result of the successful completion of other youth exchanges. The problems identified in these projects allowed us to build this project with the hope to help more young people learn more about the European

System, the European democratic system and the importance of active citizenship and active participation of youth in policy and society.

We discovered that young people don’t really understand how the EU works, what their place and role in the EU is or should be and what their obligations are or how they can facilitate change in their communities and in the EU. We want to help young people understand the concept of the

EU, how it works and how important their role is in the EU. We have chosen sports as a medium to help them understand this concept better. The EU is currently made up of 28 countries, some are major players, but the majority are minorities within the EU and sometimes feel insignificant, with a feeling that they are too weak as countries, either economically or in numbers to have any impact or effect on EU policy. We need to show that every country regardless of how big or small, is a contributor to the EU and plays a vital role in the EU.

The objective is to allow the youth tobetter understand that by being active members of a society and by working together and also

contributing to the growth of the EU they can be key players in the EU. The idea is to allow all youth to feel equally important in the EU and in their countries.

The project will adopt sports as the medium to simulate the workings of the EU allowing participants to work together in international groups to utilise individual strength to make the groups stronger and also to understand weaknesses so that we can help each other be stronger as

a whole. By taking this approach we will understand how the EU works and how we as youth can make a difference by working together for a greater unified EU. Many aspects need to be analysed during the project including cultural differences, local resources and strengths of each country and also the knowledge available in each community. We believe this project is a great way to show young people how to work together and take

advantage of the different strengths of each country and person to help them work together just like the EU does.

Екипът ни очаква подробна информация след което ще стартира набора на участници.

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