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"Migration 2020: Towards a Sustainable Inclusion

Three of our youth workers (Kaloyan Yordanov, Irina Nacheva and Kamen Komitov) will take part in the seminar "Migration 2020: Towards a Sustainable Inclusion" from 24 to 30 October 2017 in Cagliari, Italy, whose main goal is to analyze the current challenges related to the migrant crisis in Europe, to identify the causes of this phenomenon and to highlight what we can do today to work with young migrants and their new communities in a sustainable way, sharing experiences and ideas and highlighting methods and techniques for raising the level of awareness in European countries about the possibilities for building a more inclusive society.

The sustainable integration of young migrants will be comprehensively addressed as follows: integration of the local labor market into refugees, linguistic, civic and educational integration of migrants, ways to combat stereotypes and myths that locals have shaped towards migrants in host communities.

Our associates will present the MCROO at the Fair of NGOs working with migrants and the fair for IT applications developed by the organization and / or other NGOs in Bulgaria.

The seminar brings together 30 youth workers and leaders from 10 EU countries (Italy, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal and Germany).

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