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E+VENT: Study Visit in Berlin

Study visit in Berlin Germany as top destination for migrants was the 4th stage of CBY project of ICDET Bulgaria “Imigration + Action = Global Reaction"

Main aim was all participants from partnering organizations to visit NGOs, state institutions, shelter houses and research institutions where they are able to see what the German reality is, and what institutions and organizations doing there in order to get the best examples of work on this topic.

One of main visits was in the former Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany Airport where just mounts ago was one of the biggest refugee centers in Germany. Now is TENTAJA - place for leisure, sports, cultural and advisory services for all Berliners including migrants in Hangar 1 of the former Tempelhof Airport. Here everyone are wellcome.

Second visited place was an Accompanying program Refugee Assistance - Begleitprogramm Flüchtlingshilfe where we spoke with its director and she told us more about it.

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