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Every edition of E+xpo 2018 is different. This time we came to one of high-schools to share our knowledge about European Union and Erasmus+ world. 10th and 11th grade is a perfect age to start your international adventure, so that was great opportunity for students.

Event had two parts. First Vasil presented European Union. But do not think that was a lecture! We know how to present useful knowledge but at the same time make it interesting. That was easy to notice that students have been listening and showing their interest. Then we started to present Erasmus+ and its different opportunities. Because they still have some time before entering an university, we focused mostly on youth exchanges, because we know that is is something that is the most appealing for high school students. EVS and studying abroad also had a few minutes on stage. Maybe for 16-17 years old young people it is not the most attractive opportunity, but for sure it is worth to know what you can do in the future. During every E+xpo we can notice how curiosity is waking up. When people are hearing about volunteering possibilities for the first time or they are noticing that Erasmus+ is much more than just studying abroad. It is the best reward for us, and a sign that we are doing an amazing job.

As always during the E+xpo we were cooperating with Team Europe Junior. Thanks to them we had useful materials but also prizes for the most active students. Yes, yes, because our events are not lectures! They are focused on cooperation and interaction so always we appreciate everyone who wants to participate actively.

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