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TC “Circus pedagogy for youth workers” in Sikonda, Hungary

The Hungarian Jonger Association successfully applied for an Erasmus + program within which an international camp was organized in Sikonda.

Besides the environmental conditions, the location was justified by the proximity of Pécs, as the 16th Hungarian Conference of Ambassadors will be held at our county seat, where campers will also be accommodating for one or two work shops.

The goal of the one-week Sikhon training is to help amateur jugglers working in the social sphere to use the circus tools. This can be useful in their work, as they can provide an alternative for disadvantaged young people to spend their free time more useful. Additionally, practitioners participating in the training can also introduce juggling skills as a supplementary school activity - we have learned from Dada Kajos Rebeka, one of the organizers of the camp.

The 30 participants came to Komló from 13 countries in seven days using a French and a Slovenian expert to master the use of juggling balls, diabolo, plate rotation, devil betting or equilibrium exercises (one-wheeler, slackline, rola bola) everyone can practice at home.

Of course, the tools provided by the devices are not only important for the entertainment of the audience. Juggling also strengthens the relationship between the two hemispheres, as moving or even asymmetrical control of the two hands in sync can also help dyslexics and dysgraphs in development - the camp organizer said.

Participants of the camp can prepare their own juggling equipment during busy, ready-made days, or enjoy classic balloons. On the Thursday of the camp, a lecture is organized, which is also visited by hostel dwellers in the hops.


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