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LIFE+ | EVS @ ICDET Weekly diary 11

Before that week I could not imagine our office more crowded. Well, now all of us we can experience the real crowd! I suppose majority of us feel more comfortable in our common working space and thanks to that we are more effective and creative! Also we welcomed one more EuGen intern, it is nice to have you on board, Adriano!

Do you remember that last week Mauro mentioned cooking night? That was a great success and every dish was very delicious. Unfortunately, nothing is left for you guys… But very soon you will have the opportunity to watch a vlog from that night. Mauro is working on that, I hope it will show you some interesting facts about Turkish, Polish, Bulgarian and Italian cuisine.

Of course we have been working on other materials. Mauro concentrated on material from Adriana’s event, as well as, his personal project. I was dealing with Polish Challenge and final interview with Adriana. But also, thanks to the contribution of our new ICDET volunteers, I gathered very innovative ideas for GAZEBO. I hope all of them will be possible to realize, if yes- that place will be full of people and creativity. I also recorded my whole day as a vlog, the idea was to present EVS life, how it is in reality.

Another highlight from that week was an interview, but this time I was interviewed! That is an amazing experience, also from professional point of view. If you are curious about results, follow Open Space Foundation social media.

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