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NE+WS | ICDET was honored with Еveryone welcome label

Everyone welcome label is a recognition tool designed for organisations or individuals who are working towards togetherness & openness to everyone.

It welcomes ideas of difference and represents a positive push towards lowering xenophobia against refugees. Who is Eligible to Receive the Label? If you are helping refugees in any way - apply to get the label! Yet, be sure to meet one of the set criteria: 1. Employment of refugees; 2. Service/Product creation for refugees; 3. Awareness raising for better public-opinion & integration; 4. Response to the basic needs of refugees. If you think that you make good deeds in any of these categories - apply to get the badge! If you know others who do it, you can apply on their behalf as well. Note: after receiving your nominations, each candidate will then be cross-checked for compliance with the mentioned criteria.

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