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VIE+W | What does charity mean to me?

Personally I define charity as a wide-spectrum notion that cannot be put only beyond the bounds of helping someone. Charity is an act of giving and not expecting to receive something in return. This is an intimate process between the needy and the person, who had offered help. No one wants to be put under any circumstances to beg for support, no matter if we talk about money, food, some kind of protection and etc. But sometimes life is not easy, and makes things happen in unexpected way, so those people don’t have a choice. So we should be more tolerant and strive to support them and their needs.

Charity exists in different forms and fascinate people in different ways. Some do it just for a hobby, some as a sentiment for “good”, and some just for the satisfaction, which they receive during the whole process. No matter the reason why, all that people, who are ready to devote piece of their precious, personal time, can be called genuine people, who give value on the real things in life. Because charity is such a real thing, such a worth, which put all the universal, ethical and moral understandings under one denominator. Charity is laid deep down in the human self-consciousness. It’s a quality, which every individual can unlock and use in its full potential-the sense of benevolence, compassion and will for help the others.

Doing any kind of charity activity don’t give you any material prize, so maybe this is the reason why some people don’t appreciate, practice or take it by heart. But the real prize stays deep behind the walls of the notion charity. It is so simple and unseen for the human eye. This is the self-satisfaction of helping someone in need and seeing the real happiness. Real, because the needy had experienced some kind of misery in their life. So such an act of goodness is like a ray of sunlight in their gray, misfortune daily life. This happiness is two side orientated-on one side it gives hope and encouragement to the needy and on the other it fills the soul of the helper with pure positive emotion.

Even though I’m only 18, charity takes important impact on my understanding of the human existence. Everybody is born to help the others, in one or another way. Charity activities make me feel more completed, give me another philosophy and sense of the life values. Charity recharge the positive energy and hope in me. It gives me fresh powers, which I use to direct those positivism in new activities, which benefit the others. Charity as a notion had transformed itself as a way of thinking and living.

Charity should be a leading power during the whole lifespan and sow good and hope in human hearts!

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