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PEOPLE+ | Why did I choose Erasmus + to improve my communication skills?

I chose Erasmus+ to improve my communication abilities because it is youth program which gives opportunities to learn different topics in unconventional, very beneficial way- through games and discussions. Furthermore, the other participants are gathered from lots of different countries which helps to get familiar with diverse cultures, traditions and communication specifics. Nowadays young people are socializing mostly through the mobile phone, in social media. Actually they have abstained to communicate face to face and for sure the social media does not have the ability to replace the live contact. This program gives me the opportunity for real communication and due to the fact I meet new friends who are able to enrich my personal culture. The projects which develop communication skills are very interesting and essential. I'm having my last year of school and that is the moment after which I need to improve my abilities in the intercommunication between different people in many areas.

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