LIFE+ | My first Erasmus+ adventure in Turin, Italy

Hello! I am Stela and I am going to tell you a few words about my experience in Turin this summer.

Everything started for me with one single main goal – to prepare myself for my big Erasmus exchange, which I am doing right now. In the beginning of the summer I was attending a few events, which were related to the program “Erasmus+” and in one of these events I met people, who introduced to me a whole new world, which I didn`t know that exists in its shapes till that moment – the world of Erasmus+. I found out that Erasmus+ is more than exchange program between universities. So in a few months I applied for a project called “Urban sustainability” in which I was accepted.

It took place in Turin, Italy, organized by the Italian organization there and my organization was a partner in this project.

I had my own fears and uncertainty, as always when something new and unfamiliar is up to happen. But that project was first and big step for me into this new world.

The people I met made me feel more confident, they thought me to be more curious about the world around me and they inspired me to do, just to do and to develop who I am. They inspired me to try to be better. To do everything possible to be useful for myself, for the people and environment around me. I am still in contact with some of the people I have met there and they still inspire me, they still encourage me and even I met some of them after the exchange. They thought me that not always everything is happening as you want, but still you should keep going and keep believing in the future, that you should be thankful for the beautiful moments you had, not to be sad that they are gone.