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Call for offers : Development of technical solution for mobile phone application.

Respected friends of ICDET,

We have an open call for receiving offers from companies that would like to develop a technical solution for our mobile application.

Our project team have already developed a specific material on how we would like the application to look. We had a meeting on which our team made a decision on exact look, and we have developed the materiesl. 

We are in need of a company that is interested to work with us on this tailored made technical solution.

for this task we have 13 000 euro. 

The materials for the application must be translated on 8 languages English, French, Spanish, German, Estonian, Macedonian, Bulgarian and Indonesian. 

In this moment we have the material only on English. 

For this task we have 2200 euro.

all interested, please contact us on:

For more details, please contact our project coordinator Mr.Ivan Tinev

All interested companies, please contact us and submit your offers. 


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