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E+VENT | Conference of KА2 CBY Migration+Action=Global Reaction Main Event

The Main event of the conference held on 23 MAY 2019 from 10:00 AM with participation of more than 40 youth workers and stake holders from Bulgaria and 6 participants from the partner organizations from the project. On this conference was promoted the GUIDE and the Mobile phone application “MigrantHelpDesk”. On the conference was invited ambassadors of participating countries, representatives from delegation of EU and representatives from different ministries and agencies from Bulgaria that are in correlation with the topic of the project, NGOs and media. The partner organizations was able to share know-how in front of a large number of NGOs and become potential partners for future projects. The most important element of the conference was the promotion of the mobile application MigrantHelpDesk. This application will be widely shared and promoted as it will lead to giving an access to youth migrants to specific documents, legislation, NGOs, supporting job finding and HELP in general.

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