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LIFE+ | The summer YE "Youth Unity and Inclusive Camp"

On the 20th of July, more than 30 people from all over the Balkans gathered in the mall village of Stratoni, Greece on a Youth Exchange funded by the Erasmus+ program, to discuss current world issues like Economic and migration crisis, social tensions, Schengen crisis, exclusion of minorities and similar matters particularly targeting young people with fewer opportunities.

We had discussion and intense debates on topics like gender equality, social exclusion, racism, politics, active youth, history of our respective countries of origin and much more. We did yoga, laughed, recounted stories, shared experiences, played sports, and gained knowledge from one another. We discussed our shared ideals and discovered that no matter how varied our life stories are, there is always something that brings us together.

We were able to accomplish all of this using non-formal approaches such as interactive theater, collaborative learning, peer teaching, ice breakers, work in pairs, daily evaluations among others.

It was a Youth Exchange filled with emotions, memories, good times, new friendships and connections, love and happy moments.


by Detelina Marinova


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