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LIFE+ | Third meeting of KA2 “Enhancing the new age skills” @Madrid, Spain

The third meeting of the KA2 project "Enhancing the new age skills" in which ICDET is a partner, took place in Madrid, Spain in the period 8-10.11.2019. The representatives of the partner organizations evaluated the stage of development of the IOs and talked more about the preparation and the organization of the next activity of the project - the training course in Struga, North Macedonia.

The meeting started with a brief discussion of the current stage of the project. All representatives agreed that the first two stages (IO1 and IO2) are completed and we are on our way to create a plan for developing IO3. IO3 focuses on developing a pilot course on training adults’ specific skills. The training course will be held in North Macedonia and will cover topics such as: using computer equipment and basic software programs, internet use and concept of online safety, abstract thinking, possibilities and opportunities/EU employment.

IO1, IO2 and IO3

The first two stages of the project (IO1 and IO2) were briefly summarized during the meeting. In IO1 all partner organizations did a research on needed skills for the aging European population. The aim was to “refresh” the existing, but outdated research. The newly created material will also be available for use by any interested candidates in the EU who want to make similar compatible activities.

The partners also discussed the second stage of the project (IO2) which focused on data collection and analysis. The aim was to clarify the profile of the adult learner, to ensure that the training will provide the correct competencies addressing the needs of the business community and identify existing gaps in training provision.

The main topic during the meeting was the third stage of the project - IO3. For the pilot course to be successfully prepared, the partners should compare their results and join everything together in a methodological set. This set will later be the source of information used for conducting the activities in the pilot course. The course will be issued both in digital and printed version and will contain information about the countries’ economic situation in the field of ‘soft skills’ and ‘learning to learn enhancement’.

It will contain data such as:

  • Detailed profile of the adult learner;

  • Detailed information on the economic development;

  • Best methodologies in economic improvement and contribution;

  • Learning requirements regarding finances and implementation;

  • Must-have skills for coting on the labor market;

  • Best practices and innovations;

  • Opportunities on EU level.

At the end of the meeting all tasks were distributed among the partner organizations. The participants filled the participants list and final words were said, congratulating all of the partners for the successful work done so far.

by Tsvetoslava Gerginova


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