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LIFE+| Volunteer@ICDET weekly diary by Aylin

I arrived in Sofia in the morning. I went home using the subway. When I arrived the home, everyone was sleeping. Later in the day, we met with Taniyana in Starbucks. She was so cute also so knowledgeable. We was so excited because we would start to our travel next day.

Taniyana and we

We woke up early and went to train station. This process was a little hard for us. Despite everything we bought our tickets. Travel was starting. First stop was Plovdiv. Firstly we sit somewhere and then attendant came and said “This place is not yours but if you sit here you should buy 3 leva for each person.” After that we found our place. Plovdiv, one of the most beautiful Bulgarian cities. We thought that this city is more amazing than Sofia. Streets and museums of Plovdiv really incredible for me. I want to visit again. We didn´t stay at Plovdiv we would go to Burgas by night train. Our train was move at 01.40. So we waited at bench.

After the terrible train trip we arrived Burgas. < it was really terrible.> Then we went Sunny Beach using bus. Sunny Beach was very nice place, we had fun. But Mehmet Akif was having a healt problem. Actually we very scared for that. Despite some issues, we enjoyed in Sunny Beach. There was some good clubs, we visit almost all of them. But I didn’t like sea of there. It was cold, dirty also wavy.

After the Sunny Beach, our next stop was Nessebar. Our hotel was very nice. Nessebar was historical also colorful place. I liked there. We have been 2 night. First night we coincided a festival in old town. it was so cute. There are some children from different countries and they showed their folk dances. Second day Fatih and Kadir left Nessebar to return to Sofia. Sea of Nessebar is better than Sunny Beach. It was not so cold. Also it was really clean.

Morning of monday, we left hotel to go to Varna. But Akif went to Hatay. Anyway we arrived Varna using bus. Center of Varna was similar to other metropolis. There was a huge cathedral what named “The Dormition of Mother of God Cathedral.’’ We didn’t enough time to visit all Varna. We just had a few hours. After that we left Varna. We bought train tickets and we returned to Sofia.


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