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LIFE+ | Welcome on INTERNSHIP@ICDET, Astrée!

Who am I? Where do I come from? Why am I here?

These questions are central in everyone’s life. Through the following lines, I will attempt to respond to the crucial question “Who am I?” by responding to “Where do I come from?” and “What am I doing here?”.

My childhood

Let’s start by presenting myself. I am Astrée, a 23 years old French woman. I was born in Paris and grew up in its suburb. Being the youngest of a five children family and by taking example on my siblings, I became rapidly self-sufficient.

I worked well at school and enjoyed my spare time with many after-school activities such as: classical dance, figure skating, horse riding, clarinet playing in an orchestra. However, I gradually quit everything to focus on my studies at high school, and passed my Economics baccalaureate.

My studies at the university

When I just turned 18 years old, I started to study at the University of Paris V. I worked intensively during two years and got a degree in technics of Marketing.

In order to reward myself, I decided to start studying abroad, that is why I left Paris to go to Berlin. I studied there one full year and graduated with a Bachelor in Business & Administration. Because all the courses were in German and with native people, it was a great challenge for me. To be honest, this year spent in a foreign country, was ambivalent. It is true that I experienced both the best and the hardest moments of my life. In the end, I came out of this experience stronger and I learned that anything is never acquired forever. We always need to fight and to work hard to get what we want. In clear, this year abroad definitively taught me to persevere, to listen to myself and to believe in my dreams. While abroad in Germany, I had to come back often to France to take exams for joining a public School of Business Administration. I passed the exam and started to study Management in Bordeaux as the first year of a Master degree. I finally started a second year of a Master degree in the field of International Management. Its courses content combines a wide variety of subjects, making it both interesting and intense in terms of workload.

The reasons why I am abroad

I have chosen this university course in Bordeaux because it includes experiences abroad. Thus, after living one and a half year in Bordeaux, I moved to Estonia in Tallinn. There, I have completed an exchange semester, as an Erasmus student in the field of Business and Governance. Although this experience occurred during the beginning of Corona pandemic, it was amazing and unforgettable. In a few words, I am grateful because I have met extraordinary people who inspired me.

I am now accomplishing an internship of six months in Sofia (Bulgaria), working for the Media department of the ICDET NGO. Through this traineeship abroad, I expect to develop both my soft and hard skills, in order to work later in an international environment.

To conclude, all those experiences abroad confirmed my taste in traveling and meeting people from different parts of the world. I am attracted by this challenge of working in a new environment. Thus, I will seek a long-term job in a multicultural company abroad, once my Master thesis written and my International Management Diploma obtained.


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