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PARTICIPATE+ | Seminar in Madrid, Spain

Seminar "Slaves of the 21st century" in Madrid, Spain!

Възможност за участие в семинар "Slaves of the 21st century" в Мадрид, Испания в периода 18 - 24 август 2019г.

Място на провеждане: Мадрид, Испания

Период на провеждане: 18 - 24 август 2019г.

Профил на участниците: 2-ма участника, между 18 и 30 год. Основният работен език на проекта е английски. Участниците е препоръчително да владеят езика на поне ниво Intermediate.

В семинара ще вземат участие 31 участника от 14 различни държави, а именно: България, Йордания, Украйна, Турция, Франция, Либия, Германия, Естония, Египет, Македония, Грузия, Тунис, Испания и Алжир.



Участниците ще бъдат настанени в хотел "TH Las Rozas".

Адрес на хотела: ВИЖ ТУК!

Всички разходи за настаняване и храна се поемат на 100% от организаторите на проекта, финансиран по програмата Еразъм+. Самолетните билети ще бъдат закупени от посрещащата организация след одобрение на кандидатурата на участниците.

Има такса за участие от 60 евро към посрещащата организация, която се заплаща на организаторите на място при пристигане.

За кандидатстване, свържете се с организаторите на проекта и изпратете мотивационно писмо за участие на АНГЛИЙСКИ език:


Повече информация относно семинара:

The International Seminar "NEW FORMS OF YOUTH SLAVERY OF THE 21ST CENTURY" arises from the need to respond and denounce a new form of juvenile slavery that is appearing in the current world in a covert manner and under favorable environments. It is framed within the Europe 2020 Strategy; whose objective is to promote safe European societies in a context of unprecedented transformations and growing interdependence in the face of global threats, as well as the strengthening of the European culture of freedom and justice.

Currently and according to the International Labor Organization, more than 46 million people in the world are suffering from some form of slavery and the freedom, dignity, physical and emotional integrity of people is being violated.


Develop new competences and collaborative strategies aimed at eradicating or abolishing all types of juvenile slavery in the world, creating new collaborative synergies through interactive learning, commitment, knowledge for the construction of an active, supportive and responsible citizenship.


Create secure European societies in which the citizens live in peace, harmony and respect for different cultures, avoiding economic interests over people.

Learn new skills and competences through biographical methods and narrative experiences focused on creative and innovative design, exploring knowledge from reflective and independent positions respecting Human Rights.

Search for best practices for the creation of new projects aimed at preventing all forms of juvenile slavery in the world.

The methodology will be evaluating, integrating and participatory that will seek and explore knowledge from reflective and independent positions with biographical methods and narrative experiences.

We want this seminar to serve as a reflection and inflection point so that it can provide guidelines and reliable answers in the different countries, bringing to the table the appearance of a new form of slavery in young people, inculcating a culture of peace, eradicating all forms of slavery in the world; because it is an abuse of power and we should not naturalize the error.


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