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PARTICIPATE+ | Youth Exchange in Sevlievo, Bulgaria

YЕ "Your food, your impact" in Sevlievo, Bulgaria is NOW CHECK-IN!

International Center for Development of Education and Training is searching for participants from SPAIN, ITALY, DENMARK, NORTH MACEDONIA and BULGARIA for



26/11 - 02/12/2022

Sevlievo, Bulgaria

What is this exchange about?

The project will promote non-formal learning mobility and active participation among young people, as well as cooperation, inclusion, creativity, and innovation in a global environmental situation. We will create a network of young people conscious of their actions and how they can affect not only their own and the population's health but also the global environmental situation, implementing simple actions in their households. This will enable the establishment of young and active citizens, a key component to developing and supporting the implementation of European strategic education and training cooperation on youth policy focused on environmental issues.

Additionally, the project is strongly linked to the aims of Youth Exchanges. In particular, the project wants to raise awareness about socially relevant topics, such as the environment, food decisions, health, and the relationship between them. Thus, it will stimulate engagement in society and active participation, creating a group of young people who are really aware of their actions. The participants will have the opportunity to learn and disseminate the experience in their countries of origin.

Welcome to Sevlievo

Sevlievo municipality is located in Central Northern Bulgaria, Gabrovo district. The administrative center of Sevlievo is close to the geographical center of the country, 178 km away. east of the capital Sofia.

The town of Sevlievo is located in a valley with an altitude of 201 meters, which is the lowest point of the municipality. The climate is temperate-continental, with a large amplitude between the lowest and highest temperatures from -25°С - 34° С to +35°С - +40 °С.

Participants & Travel reimbursement procedure

Country Participants & Travel Budget



Travel Budget


7 (+ 1 group leader)

23 €


5 (+ 1 group leader)

275 €


5 (+ 1 group leader)

275 €


5 (+ 1 group leader)

360 €

North Macedonia

5 (+ 1 group leader)

210 €

Travel days: 26.11 and 02.12.2022

Working days: 27.11 - 01.12.2022

Venue, accommodation & food

The youth exchange will take place in Hotel Rositza, a small hotel in the heart of Sevlievo.

Participants will be accommodated in rooms for 2,3 or 4 people. There is free Wi-Fi. It is advised to bring a towel for daily use.

Food will be served at the restaurant of the hotel and there will be 3 meals every day.

Please send us your special needs concerning food: no pork, no meat, vegetarian or any allergies.


Fill in the APPLICATION FORM which will be reviewed from all partner associations on the project. Each partner association will chose the participants and will inform them that they were selected for participation in the project.

Application deadline: 28 October 2022

For all selected participants:

1. Before buying the tickets you should always address us and send us the travel plan of each participant. YOU ONLY CAN PROCEED WITH THE TICKETS PURCHASE after our authorization.

2. Furthermore, tickets should be bought in Economy Class and private transportation is not reimbursed.

3. To be reimbursed for your trip. The following documents are necessary:

  1. Tickets and boarding passes.

  2. Invoice/ receipt/ booking email.

  3. Keep your bus/train tickets as well! Transportation by taxi is not reimbursable.

4. Each participant will be fully refunded within the limits mentioned before - however, Only after submission of all the official and original documents (Boarding Passes and Invoices) and after the follow-up activities/dissemination of results are completed.

We highly recommend that each participant takes care of their own additional travel insurance for the full duration of the project with travel days included. Having a European Health Card is mandatory!

How to reach Sevlievo?

You should arrive in Sofia and then you must get a bus to Sevlievo from Central Bus Station.

From Sofia airport to the bus station:

From Terminal 1:

Take the free bus in front of Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 stop. From there take the metro (line 4) to Serdika 1 stop. Change the metro stop to Serdika 2 (line 2) (you have to walk inside the metro station to change the stop, but don’t go out). Take the metro to the Central Railway Station stop (the metro direction should be Obelya, not Vitosha). The bus station is next to the railway station (around 250 m walk).

*Free bus from T1 to T2 timetable:

07:20; 08:00; 08:30; 09:00; 09:30; 10:00; 10:30; 11:00; 11:30; 12:00; 12:30; 13:00; 13:30; 14:00; 14:30; 15:00; 15:30; 16:00; 16:30; 17:00; 17:30; 18:00; 18:30; 19:00; 19:30; 20:00; 20:40; 21:20; 22:00; 22:40; 23:20; 24:00; 00:40; 01:20; 02:00; 02:40; 03:20; 04:00; 04:40; 05:20; 06:00; 06:40;

From Terminal 2:

Take the metro (line 4) to stop Serdika 1. Change the metro stop to Serdika 2 (line 2) (you have to walk inside the metro to change the stop). Take the metro to the Central Railway Station stop (the metro direction should be Obelya, not Vitosha). The bus station is next to the railway station (around a 250 m walk).

Metro ticket is BGN 1.60

Bus from Sofia to Sevlievo timetable:

There is a bus at 11 a.m., 15, 16 and 17h from Central Bus Station.


Each group must prepare:

  • Research and prepare information about organic food in your country

  • Research the best store in your country for organic food and present it during the project

  • Prepare for your country’s intercultural evening, Bring with you a country flag, some traditional food and snacks. Alcohol is not allowed.

  • The weather gets cold and the wind is quite strong in November/December. Bring adequate clothes and check the forecast before coming.

  • Bring good spirit, joy and happiness!!! :)

If you have any questions, please contact us on


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