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Alessia Naskova - participant in the passed YE "Make social inclussion happen" which took place in Costinesti, Romania and Borislav Milanov who participated in YE “Design your future” in Galapagar, Spain share a mutual passion for traveling. They are sharing with us all of the amazing places they visited, the stories of their travels and how Erasmus+ helps them do what they love the most.


"I don’t really have a hobby, but I really love to travel. I haven’t travelled that much, but still I can say that this is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. Traveling broadens our horizon. It enrichens our general knowledge. We meet a lot of new people and see different places. This is what I appreciate the most about traveling.

I live in a small town in Bulgaria. Its name is Vidin and there isn’t so much to see here. It might be a good tourist destination, but it is very different when you live here. You go to the same places and meet the same people daily. When it is around after 6 p.m. Vidin becomes a ghost town. All the people go home, and you can’t see almost anyone walking down the streets. So now I think that all the young people will understand me. We are young, we seek new friends, new adventures, new places to visit. And that’s why I am very exited for when I get older, because I will have the chance to travel more.

I’m 17 years old and until now I have travelled only to 2 countries - Spain and Romania. When I was in Spain, I spent a month and a half in Palma de Mallorca, an island right next to Spain. I went there in the summer so me and my family spent most of the time chilling on the beach. It was amazing.

When I travelled to Romania, I spent the best 10 days in my life. I went in Costinesti, a resort in Romania. I didn’t go there on a holiday, but on an Erasmus+ Project. The project’s name was “Make Social Inclusion Happen”. I had a wonderful time, I met adorable people, I will never forget them, and I really hope to see them again. We did amazing activities every single day of the project. We talked a lot about social inclusion, because there are a lot people who struggle just because they are not accepted by others and that’s a world problem. I am glad I participated."

by Alessia Naskova


"One of my hobbies is to travel around the world. I have visited a lot of countries in Europe and Asia. In Europe I have been to Germany, France, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Croatia, United Kingdom, Romania, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Portugal, Austria, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Slovenia, Montenegro and Monaco.

But my favorite one was Monaco. It’s the most beautiful place I have ever been. It’s a really small country but it’s very nice. If you can, for sure you have to go and see it. I like the place also because it looks really expensive, you can see cars like Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce and others everywhere. You can see one hundred meters yachts in their yacht Harbor.

I want to visit countries in the other continents too. I like to travel because I can see how the other people live. I can see their lifestyle and their culture. You can learn a lot of them.

Nowadays you can travel for less money. The airplane tickets are cheap if you take them early, a price like 10-20 euro in direction for a lot of countries in Europe, you can rent an apartment from Airbnb where also is cheap. You can travel wherever you want, and you can see whatever you want. Only if you have the desire and motivation to do it!"

by Borislav Milanov



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