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PEOPLE+ | Is there any change in the desired professions now and 30 years ago?

Employment has always been an essential part of people’s life. We develop ourselves and learn something new with the time in order to find out what we are best at and how these skills could help us in our upcoming future.

A „change” and „progress“are the exact words that describe the employment from the past few years to now. With the development of the technologies that ensures us not only easier life but also easier communication and payment, employment has become closely tied with them. For instance, the most wanted professions used to be factory worker or trader and the variety of jobs was limited.

Another thing that has also changed is the foundation of new organizations which aim to improve the employability and the skills required for a good employee. Such organizations are the one working with projects of the Erasmus+ programme in which I had the chance to take part. Most of the youths strive to participate more in such projects and to broaden their horizons. In this way, they improve their working skills, gain experience in the workplace and become more creative and open-minded.

On the whole, thanks to the accessibility of the technologies and the progress of the employment, we can enjoy a more convenient and understandable life.

By Simona Yordanova

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