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PEOPLE+ | My hobby or escape from reality

I like to spend my free time with people important to me. Some of them are my friends. We always find a way to have fun. Our pastimes are always different. We love to travel, to get to know new places and people. We love to stroll through nature in our hometown as it is very beautiful. We have a very beautiful view of the mountain, which is liked by everyone and acts soothing and relaxing. We always have a good time together. We can communicate well with each other, listen to one another and understand the other. When we need each, other we are always ready to help. Not everything is always smooth, we happen to have misunderstandings with each other, but we are always honest with each other and solving our problems.

Another hobby for me is spending time with my family. We are 11 people live at home - grandmother, grandfather, mom, dad, uncle, aunt, my sister, my brother, my little cousins ​​and me. It's always fun in our house!

To me the meaning of the word "hobby" has a broad meaning because "hobby" is something entertaining for me. And the fun things to do are always fun and enjoyable to do. This is my hobby - spending time with my loved ones, which makes me forget the difficult times and the everyday problems.

My hobby is an escape from reality.

by Maria Zlatanova


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