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VIE+W | The beauty of Sofia

This week, I will tell you more about the architecture in Sofia and my trip in the city. When I came to the city center, I was very impressed to see the historical buildings around. When I came to the city center, I was very impressed to see the historical buildings around. Not only the historical buildings, but also the parks and religious buildings in the center impressed me a lot. That's why I wanted to write about these and share it with you. When I came to the center of Sofia, the first building I visited was the symbol of Sofia - the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The building was built in memory of the Slavs who died in the Ottoman-Russian war, with neo-Byzantine architecture. At the top of the cathedral is a dome that shines like the sun. This dome impresses those who saw the cathedral. It also affected me a lot.

Also many religions have lived in Sofia before. Some of these religions are: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is possible to find places of worship such as mosques, churches and synagogues belonging to these religions in the city center. The fact that these worship services were built in the city shows the importance of Sofia both in terms of religion and human life. Because in the places where they live, first of all, people build the structure in which they will worship.

It is possible to see many art and culture buildings in Sofia. The most visually beautiful of these structures is the Ivan Vazov National Theatre. Because the external structure of the theater is visually very magnificent. In addition, the National Museum of Natural History and the National Palace of Culture are located in the center of Sofia and are actively working. There are many parks in the city. That's why people go to the parks frequently and spend time in the parks. The reason why there are so many parks shows the harmony of people with the environment. That's why I was happy not to see any garbage on the streets while walking in Sofia.


Murat Bilmez, volunteer@ICDET


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