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PEOPLE+ | Welcome aboard Gabriela!

'm Gabriella Vitiello, I'm 26 years old and I have been living in Sofia for one week.

I arrived in this beautiful city at the beginning of October to start a new training and work experience at ICDET.

After my studies in Political Science and International Relations, I needed to put my theoretical knowledge into practice, and I think ICDET was the best choice.

The first days here were a little strange, the weather was not good and I had no friends. Then I became friends with my flatmates and work colleagues. After a few days, my roommate arrived and everything improved. Together we started work.

I felt very at home right away.

Together with my roommates, we joined a gym, and we did something together every day. So I never felt lonely. I think I was lucky.

I participated in three office meetings, so I had the opportunity to meet Ivan and Georgi and to work with other colleagues.

I walked around the city and gradually started to appreciate it more and more. The sun was also a good factor.

In the next few weeks, I plan to discover places outside Sofia.

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