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I just started my voluntary project in Sofia and it is thrilling me in a good way; you know why? ....

Because we are all in this world to thrive as evolution of the brain is in our genes. We believe that we can be better than this. In other words we are programmed to develop ourselves, thus our world. There are dozens of ways to develop for each individual. No methodology for this but options! I personally believe in options. But in this context we will talk about just the two of them:

Just think that we all have a box. So as you can assume this box is our brain, so our world is as big as our brain allows it to be. This box is our world. We all live in one of them. What are we supposed to do to thrive if we live in a box. Here are the answers: Either you widen the box with reading, watching, listening good materials such as science and art; the bigger your box is the more you widen your world. So do it!

And another one takes bravery which you get out of the box. What we are doing in here and what we try to tell youngsters is "just get out of your boxes to meet new boxes". Let our boxes clash and pull out all the stereotypes and prejudices. Get rid of those unnecessary heavy elements you have been carrying for years thanks to historical mistakes and reinforcing education, media, politics, even national pride! Then let's leave them all behind. There are way more similarities between us than the differences. Then why to bother to keep ourselves busy with the shallow surface of a sea called differences, when we can dive into to the ocean of similarities? Our differences also matter but in a good and constructive way. So let this generation construct our culture this way. When you return to your homelands tell others that all the boxes are safe and they should discover them all. Get out of your boxes, meet the new ones. In the end you will have a lot of boxes :)


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