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Start of KA2 partnership project Gender watch - raising capacities of work with media

Participants from all project countries talked about the project implementation plan, Swot Analysis and Project Management. The meeting followed the definition of the base elements for the project and other project planning activities.


Georgia - Applicant, Ukraine, Moldova , Bulgaria - ICDET, Spain, Lithuania

Gender and media are of concern for everyone, not only European wide but dare we say worldwide. Both topics encompass fundamental rights that we as youth workers shall embrace and promote further. This project idea came out in one of our recently implemented activities under Erasmus+. The youth workers and youngsters attending the training course crystalised the main idea represented in this application as an important aspect when we discuss the gender roles in our society and attach media influence to it. Media was introduced ad key concept that leads the society today and can be guarded as both with its strong power of change, as much as with the enforcement of negative and false gender stereotypes in various cases (ie. Considering here that mostly women are portrayed as caregivers, housewife’s, and also more likely are shown as a sexualized attire, while man are shown through media as the stronger dominant sex, they dominate the film industry both as main leading roles as well as in acting, directing etc).


  1. Kick off meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia

  2. Mobility of youth workers in Vilnius Lithuania

Training course Medias and gender roles in the society .

  1. Workshop in Kishinev , Moldova

Workshop on gender equality instruments.

  1. Workshop in Kiev, Ukraine

Workshop on social media "Reporting and following social media".

  1. Job shadowing in Spain

Job shadowing in Spain on the topic of gender equality in the media.

  1. Job shadowing in Bulgaria

Job shadowing in Sofia, Bulgaria on the topic of gender equality in social media.

  1. Conference in Georgia

Conference "Gender watch". Promotion of the two developed guides and the experience gained with the training and job shadowing of the participants. Dissemination of results and visibility.



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