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USEFUL | Global approach style and Feature approach format

Global approach style; It covers job satisfaction comprehensively. This way of examining job satisfaction simply asks employees if they are satisfied in general, using a single rating scale with a yes-no answer, using a small set of items that measure global job satisfaction. For example, satisfaction in general may be a component of several factors; wage satisfaction, type of job itself, working conditions, management type, business policies and procedures, relationships with colleagues, incentives and promotion opportunities.

Feature approach format; Feature approach is; takes into account that the job consists of feelings and attitudes about a number of different elements or characteristics. It addresses each of these aspects individually, assuming that certain employees may be more satisfied with some features, such as the amount of payment, but may not be satisfied with other features such as management quality and incentive opportunities. There has been controversy over which approach is better. Advocates of the global approach argue that an overall job satisfaction is important, and that overall satisfaction is more than the sum of satisfaction of individual job characteristics. They claim to provide a better and more detailed assessment of job satisfaction by allowing them to gain insight into certain individual feelings. Also, the more individual employees evaluate certain aspects of job satisfaction, big changes can occur. Satisfaction with wage may be an important element of job satisfaction for an employee, but not for another employee. Also, some features may not apply to all types of jobs. CEOs of businesses and self-employed professionals are not affected by opportunities to encourage divisions and managers in large enterprises — in particular, they can make a significant contribution to the low level of job satisfaction of lower-level managers in large enterprises. The trait approach advocates argue that this helps identify specific areas of dissatisfaction that are aimed for improvement. Others believe it is advantageous to use both types of measurement approaches, based on findings that show that each approach offers interesting and important information.

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