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VIE+W | Creating a better world

Hi everyone! My name is Valentina, I’m 25 years old and I come from Caserta, but I

currently live in Bologna to accomplish my master’s degree in Local and Global

Development… and I’m not really good at talking about myself, but you’ll see on

your own.

I love wandering, discovering new places; traveling on the road is the best, sleep in a tent, climb mountains and at night just relax with your friends, or new acquaintances, maybe drinking something good all together (I really love craft beers!). My best friends often say that I’m always too enthusiastic and with my head in the clouds (which is actually true, and that makes me really clumsy sometimes, tripping or breaking things, but I’m funny, I swear) All my life I’ve always been curious about “others”, willing to learn about them, understand how they think and where they come from, so, I’ve always known that this would also be my focus for the future even if I didn’t know the specific field yet. Another part of me that has always been strong is the rebel one, when I was a child I was always the warrior princess who fought against the bad guys!

During my adolescence I joined a Scout group and this has changed forever my life, it makes me understand that what I actually do in my life was spent myself for others, helping them to achieve their dreams. It also shows me how important are others in the process, everyone has his or her little spark to add to make something possible, and that there’s always at least a 5% of good in everything, you just have to focus on it and keep trying.

I’ve always been an idealistic person, and as I said before, always dreaming, swifting from a passion to another and it makes me so sad and angry knowing that not all children in the world can have the same possibilities I had. So, here’s where all my inclinations combine themselves, I dream big I know, but the point is just “doing your best” like Scouts always said. I do believe in an equal, pacific and fair world, as I do believe in the goodness of humankind, and this is my purpose. I chose to come here at ICDET to prove myself in a multicultural team, improving my skill to work with others and my ability in creating development projects. I also hope to contribute with my knowledge and my ideals in making my colleagues' experience a good one.


Valentina Natale, intern@ICDET


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