VIE+W | It's all a matter of politics

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Politics have always been my passion. Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve known that when I grow up I would study political science in the university and, one day, become a politician myself. I’ve read numerous books on the matter, watched the news since I can remember, and have had many lengthy discussions with both members of my own family and strangers.

Many of my peers, till this day, still don’t understand my hobby of choice, but what I don’t understand is how uninterested in political matters some young people can be. In my opinion, everybody should at least try to keep up to date with the news because being part of a society requires you to take personal responsibility for said society. Political awareness is crucial when voting for elections or a referendum because the outcome of your choice affects your life and the life of those around you directly.

Unfortunately, most young people in my country don’t realize the importance of having an informed opinion on political matters and that trend only seams to grow amongst the younger generation still. I find this current situation disquieting because one day the many problems both the European Union and the Bulgarian state face will fall on us to fix and our incompetence to do so would have grave consequences. As a European citizen I find it my personal responsibility to try and stay more informed, but admittedly I find watching political debates quite enjoyable to watch and the discussions that follow even more so.