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VIE+W | Why is the teamwork important?

Why is the teamwork important? Because elliptical work can make difficult tasks easier. When you know there are people who can help you, you are calm. During the teamwork, we have to trust together, to overcome the difficulties as one team, to help each other if one of the team is in trouble. To help and encourage each other in the difficult moments. Share with the others when you're not sure for something so you can be able to make the right decision. Be as one whole. It's important because if a team works actively, no one can stop it from reaching its goal.

  • achieving the goals

Collective work itself is very important as a process through which a certain goal can be achieved. There are tasks that can not be fulfilled by just one person, the ideas and efforts of at least a few people are needed.

  • increasing individual training

In other words, the team is a group of intelligent people who put their minds and energy together for a common purpose. During teamwork, each member learns something new from other people and thus enriches his/her own knowledge and improves his/her abilities. Together they have to look for a problem, distribute roles to the team, also discuss with others the strategy to help their teammate. When one of the teammates is in conflict situations, all of them without much thought can help with something or advice. It's not easy, but when you have patience and treat your teammates well, you get a good result, as in life itself. Teamwork is a challenge for everyone in the team. When there are many different opinions and we do not want to hear each other, then everything goes wrong. It is very important that when a task is given, we have to team up to accomplish the task to the team. So, that’s what I think the teamwork is and why it is important.

By: Bilyana Marinova


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