Radio E + Bulgaria is based on the latest trends, named "Listen at anytime" using Soundcloud, as the most popular audio platform listened to among young people in the world. This is an innovative radio channel. It is crucial for every young person to have easy access to the news of Erasmus+ , information and all the curious topics that matter to them, so we have created a radio that reaches the audience in places where access to television is difficult, such as in the bus, train, on the street and etc.



The INTERVIE+W  is essentially a structured conversation where one participant asks questions, and the other provides answers. In our case to answer all of these questions from the scenario. It's all based on your Erasmus experience.




This category aims to collect different examples of personal values, important skills, attitudes, tips and ideas for developing them and how every type of them could help us in our future development, career, participation in projects, etc.




This category aims to collect different information on topics in connection with everything that could be interesting for the youth (global/general topics or specific ones) but they have to be connected with the Erasmus+ projects (ex. Education, History, Culture, Recycling, Environment, Technology, etc.)




The E+NTREPRENEUR YOUth is a broadcast for young entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a business or businesses while building and scaling it to generate a profit. This broadcast will help with many advices - how to start your own company, how to go on the market and you’ll have a lot of fun while learning how to make business.




The E+COACHING will give you the tools that you can use to solve your problems and transform your Erasmus+ experience into the best time of your life! This coaching system can help you change your mindset and beliefs to create one unforgettable Erasmus+ journey, and also to help with the most common problems that every volunteer have - culture shock, intercultural learning, organizational chaos, improving communication skills and many more!

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DIALOGUE+ category is focused on intentional and well structured conversation, a space of civility and equality in which those who differ may listen and speak together. For others can be a way of being—mindful and creative relating. In dialogue, we seek to set aside fears, preconceptions, the need to win; we take time to hear other voices and possibilities. Dialogue can encompass tensions and paradoxes, and in so doing, new ideas—collective wisdom—may arise.

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This is the story of Mr. and Mrs. Erasmus; telling these fictional characters abroad experience based on all aspects of mobility - such as ICL, formal and non-formal education, opportunities.. It can be very interesting for youngsters to imagine or express their experiences through a story. They won’t see, but hear: this is the point of Erasmus+ program, it’s contagious!




Our Q&A sessions give audiences the opportunity to find out more about certain topics in Erasmus+ area or even ask a question to someone(volunteer of staff member) that they would never normally get the chance. Want to know more about your future ? Send us your question about ERASMUS+ and European Solidarity corps and receive an answer as podcast!

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