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MANAGEMENT & IT Department

Organization of all processes of local and international projects activities  and events related to the projects;

  • Tutoring, mentoring & supervision of all volunteers, currently engaged in our NGOs everyday work;

  • Complete know-how on the management of Non-government organizations with horizontal structure;

  • Production of intellectual outputs - research, collecting, and structuring of information.

  • Maintenance, structure, improvement, and development of all platforms used as the main work tool by our NGO - GDrive, Social media platforms;

  • Creation and implementation of innovative methods & practices, ICT tools for work and facilitation;

HR & TRAINING Department

  • Development of various working methodologies for our associates, members, interns, trainees and volunteers.

  • Consulting young people on the opportunity to participate in such a project;

  • Recruitment of new associates and members, attending interviews, providing information about our organization on all online & offline channels;

  • Language classes and language preparation courses for our volunteers, members and associates in various languages;

  • Innovative psychological therapy sessions for all people, involved in the organization - crew & volunteers.


  • Development of the E+MEDIA4YOUTH media portal, 

  • Expansion of our "E+XPO" project, where we promote Erasmus+ opportunities in schools, universities, and companies, develop, manage, facilitate and disseminate events related to it;

  • Establishment of ICDET events, managing and facilitating them, and planning the calendar for each month;

  • Management of all social media channels of the organization - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and expanding them;

  • Creation of materials (online media posts, videos, movies, articles, radio interviews);

  • Expanding the public relation of ICDET with other NGOs in Sofia and Bulgaria, closing new partnerships with organizations and institutions on local, regional, national, and international levels.

  • Dissemination activities for all projects.


  • After completing training, department crew became familiar with EU-funded projects

  • implementation of a successful preparation,

  • writing and sending project proposals for all Key Action activities of the Erasmus+ and ESC programmes of the European Union

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