ICDETv  is one of the four platforms of the International Center for the Development of Education and Training media portal. This is an innovative online TV based on the latest "Watch at All Time" VOD (Video on demand) trends, using Youtube, Facebook and Instagram as the most popular platforms among young people in the world.



Category for "uncut", representing the real situations and transfering you in the atmosfere of the shooted materials.



The brand new show category in ICDETv  “4LadiE+s” is going to focus on the empowerment of women. It is going to include topics which concern all women and girls like feminism, women rights, equality, beauty and lifestyle. The videos are going to be in the forms of talk shows, interviews and beauty tutorials. Our aim is to create a space where all girls can enjoy and learn at the same time. Stay tuned! :)


comming soon!


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