As an VOLUNTEER Sending, Hosting and Coordinating accreditated organization , ICDET gives the opportunity for young people between 17-30 years of age to express their personal commitment to the community through the implementation of full-day unpaid and voluntary service for up to 12 months in another country in or outside the EU. This activity allows volunteers to contribute to the daily work of organizations working in the areas of: youth policies; personal and educational development of young people; civic engagement, as well as other areas such as social care, social inclusion of disadvantaged people, environmental education programs in the field of informal education, ICT and media literacy, culture and creativity and more.

First of all, any potential candidate applies through a special EVS application form of ours, after which, if approved, goes through a video interview with a member from our team.

If the candidate is approved, he/she begins the EVS experience at the moment.  The volunteer goes through several phases during the Voluntary Service.

Pre-departure training, which consists of getting informed about the location of the project, the accommodation, EVS guidebook, acquiring insurance, preparing any documents and going through any other training, provided by the Sending organization.

On-Arrival training- the volunteer, after arriving to the venue of his/her service and settling in, goes through 2 weeks of introductory training. It includes orientation (introduction to the hosting organization team and members, meeting the mentor, language teacher and beneficiaries, seeing the workplace, receiving working materials, team-building activities, sharing and reflecting expectations, fears and contributions, creating a “visiting video”, organize meetings with outer EVS volunteers and more.

During the Service- the volunteer will have trainings on necessary for future volunteer work competences and skills. ICDET carries out continuous monitoring and process control through planning meetings at the beginning and end of each week. The Google Drive System is used for uploading and sharing working tasks and materials. ICDET supports the “Not an office prisoner” policy and offers various alternatives for a working space; provides opportunities for attending social-cultural events and activities of the local community; celebrates birthdays and national holidays together with the volunteers, members and associates. The volunteers write and send weekly diaries with pictures to the team, from which they share their work with, ensuring the visibility of the project. We challenge our volunteers to be self-initiative through developing personal projects (activities, connected with already working projects of ICDET or new ideas for such) as the following examples:  the Expo concept (which began as an event for celebrating 20 years of the EVS program, but was eventually developed by an EVS volunteers of ours to be what it is today), Gazebo or ICDET Garden. We plan to involve volunteers in activities and charity events of national partner organizations of ICDET and involve them with their ideas in the development of the working methodology for volunteers in ICDET.

On-Departure training- at the end of the volunteer’s service, he/she will use everything they learned, acquired and produced during their work for implementing dissemination activities. They will also do a final evaluation and prepare their Youthpass certificate.







Sofia, ICDET, Responsibilities... These three words explain my whole EVS. The things

I have compiled only for 2 months... it's not explainable. In my first days it wasn't easy for me. I had to balance lots of social, work, and personal related issues. At the end I've learnt that if you be successful and enjoy what you've obligated and you want to be obligated, everything will be alright. Cause there are people who want to share, support more than you want and this gives the real joy of experiencing an EVS project. So all I can say I'm so grateful and "благодаря ICDET"

Burak Büyükkaya

First of all I want to say that, Evs project improved my professional perspective. Before this project, I did not study on media so according to me, the most important and frightening question was ''How can I study on media?'' But when I participated in this project, I started to focus on media and my question was changed with ''How can I combine my interests and

abilities with media?'' When I asked this question, workers and the president of ICDET focus on '' How can we development her ideas?'' So my biggest motivation was behind and in front of the camera in this project because I met a different part of myself.

Another important point is it was life experience to me. When I participated in the everyday life of Bulgaria, I learned some words which are the same in Turkish. I could solve the problems with these concepts in everyday life so I could understand what are similarities and differences between Turkish and Bulgarian. In addition to this I could meet new people, culture and country. I realized that culture includes lots of similarities and differences so we

should more focus on similarities and respect to differences.

Burcu Keleş

It was an excellent experience for me because I believe I improved my soft skills in this project and I’ve met so many people so I have so many friends in Sofia. Also I saw a new culture(clothes,meals,body language etc). I’ve learned a new language, at least some words in Bulgarian. Finally I want to say that I had so many memories in Sofia and I got excellent experience so I realized that I should improve myself continuously and I will try to wide my knowledge. And also I want to say that;

Erasmus+ is a change that you change yourself and change the world around you

Erasmus+ is a knowledge you learn to fight with fears and communicate with ease

Erasmus+ is a adventure to create new and beautiful memories and get to know the

culture of many countries.

Gökhan Bektaş

To be honest, if I would need to say what I gained thanks to EVS, one paragraph would not be enough for sure. Moving to Bulgaria changed my life entirely.

The plan was to spend here only 6 months, experience amazing adventure and come back to Poland.

Turn out that soon I will celebrate my 2 years in Bulgaria - my new home.


Currently I am living and working in Sofia, which is kinda unexpected revolution. It would never happen without such a good experience as a volunteer here. EVS

Ewa Kozun

Hello my name is İlker Karaoğlu, a Turkish which studies at Pamukkale University.

First of all, before I’ve been involved in Erasmus+ World, I did not know how is to be a volunteer. I started with Erasmus Student Network in my university, with the mentality of “Students helping students.” it was beginning of best stories of my life. During that period, I met with EVS program immediately tried to put myself in it. ICDET accepted me as a volunteer this was my first Erasmus+ experience. It was two months volunteering, small to big I learnt a lot, gained valuable life experiences, had good friends, after that I did not want to skip any Erasmus+ chance, wanted more and more. I went back to my country, I become Vice- President and co-founder of ESN PAMUKKALE at my university, hired for job by International Relations Office of Pamukkale University, started to help every International person with different backgrounds, students, professors... Than I got selected for Youth Exchange in Romania, this also gave me good perspectives in my life, milestones of personal evolution achieved. In summer of 2019, I had my 3rd. Erasmus+ experience as intern in Italy which related with my study field Tourism, I had chance to see how Tourism works in one of leader country in field of Tourism also had chance to travel most attractive locations for tourists. Now, I’ve selected for my 4th. Erasmus+ project, Its getting closer and I am excited for it like first time. I am always open for volunteering, I want to have more friends worldwide and do not want to stop. Great opportunities, good experiences out there.

Be a volunteer, go for Erasmus+.

İlker Karaoğlu

EVS thought me so many life lessons that completely transformed me afterwards. I learned about personal boundaries and how important they are in our professional and also personal life. I learned about self-authenticity a lot and how valuable is to know yourself greatly and to stand for what you believe in no matter how other outer people/ circumstances try to change you, how enriching is when you find the best ways to express uniqueness in your activities and projects. One of the biggest impacts of my EVS in Romania was the realization how much I love children and how well I work with children. Professionally, this experience opened my eyes towards social entrepreneurship and now this is the path I have chosen to go on and develop more and more in it :)

Taniyana Georgieva

How volunteering has benefited in my own life:

I feel like if I didn't volunteer for my EVS project, I might have stayed the same person who is less open minded. I can feel a change that I acquired and I still cannot explain it. Even my friends have noticed something new in me. They noticed how I’m more open to them, how I’m happier than before and smiling so much more than before. I believe it's thanks to the people I’ve met from around the world who helped me open my eyes and realise the different kind of personalities, culture and all kinds of knowledge. I now feel more self aware of this world, as if I’m ready to jump in for any kind of situation and adventure, speak to even more people and get to know them.

This is how EVS has changed me and have me a benefit.

Venelin Atanasov

EVS was my first overseas experience. Sharing the same house, dinner, and experiencing a culture different from my country contributed a lot to me. I feel more experienced especially in human relations. This is the first time I learned how to manage my own money here, I developed a sense of responsibility while shopping.

Yağmur Uçar



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