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European Solidarity Corps for young people

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you can volunteer or work on projects that benefit communities and people in the Bulgaria or abroad. Meet like-minded people and build something together with the European Solidarity Corps...

Ready to change your world?

Volunteering, managing your project or having a job experience – which one to choose? ICDET and other organisations funded by the European Solidarity Corps can offer you life-changing activities. Find out which one fits you best and how to get involved.


Volunteering in a European Solidarity Corps project means being involved in the daily work of an organisation in the form of community-level projects, in the UK or abroad. Accommodation and meal costs are covered as part of the placement (including a holiday period). You will get pocket money and travel expenses up to a set amount, as well as insurance coverage. Worried about your language skills? Not a problem: linguistic support can be provided.

Your participation can be individual (known as Individual Volunteering Placement) or in a group (called Volunteering Teams).

How to start

Registering on the European Solidarity Corps portal is easy and quick. The portal works as a matching tool between organisations who are looking for potential participants and people like you. You will be able to submit preferences to find the right cause for you, whenever it suits you.

Organisations range from small NGOs working in a local community to multinational companies, so you will have plenty of opportunities to apply for. They can also contact you directly, if your profile matches their project. On the portal you can connect with participants and take the opportunity to share experiences and stories from your placements. Networking, online training and post-placement support are available.

Join the Corps



As a Hosting accreditated organization with a quality label, ICDET gives the opportunity for young people between 18-30 years of age to express their personal commitment to the community through the implementation of full-day unpaid and voluntary service for up to 12 months for international volunteers in Bulgaria and Bulgarian youth in another country in or outside the EU.