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Global Education short training session for ICDET members

Global education and the issues related to that are very important for our organisation. The awareness of certain topics such as interdependence, diversity, identity, intercultural communication and sustainable future are perfectly in line with our main values.

That is why, as an intern in this organisation, I decided to implement a training on Global Education. The training will be held on 24th of June at Hotel Forum and it was inspired by a key European project in which we are partner, Youth of the World. The main aim of this project is to create youth led training in non-formal education for youth workers and those involved in education of young people. The ultimate objective is therefore to generate social inclusion and to promote a multicultural society enhancing high quality youth work. Moreover, another very important objective is to pass and share good practices on the use of Global Education and Global Perspective, especially to involve young people, youth organizations, school, and other stakeholders, in order to spread the awareness on this topic and stimulate the creation of new Global Education Strategies in the partner countries and all Europe.

During this training, I am going to implement some of the activities created during Youth of the World. These activities are especially important in order to stimulate reflection and debate about the core issues previously mentioned. The activity program is work in progress, so stay tuned on our E+Media4Youth Facebook page to learn more!

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