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USE+FUL | Fast food vs healthy lifestyle

Simona is 17 years old girl from Shumen, Bulgaria which is creator of website of healthy lifestile and the consequences of unhealthy eating as a developer of project "Fast food vs healthy lifestyle".

Nowadays we dispose of a rich selection of food. Some are cheap, others are expensive. On the other hand, some are healthy, others are harmful to health. Of course, the taste is also important - some foods are delicious, others are not. It's bad that people do not pay attention to whether their food is healthy or not. In my opinion, what we eat is important. Everybody knows the saying: "You are what you eat".

Most of the people have no time, then they resort to fast food. The hectic life means that we sometimes eat on foot. We have no other choice, so we take something unhealthy like a Big Mac from McDonald's or fried chicken from KFC. Another excuse is that people have no money and the healthy food is too expensive. Yes, it can be comparatively cheap and yummy, but no one thinks of the consequences and after a certain time they are mistaken about their appearance because they are getting fat. Fast food can also lead to very dangerous diseases. This affects your health. So fast food has lots of negative sides for the health . For instance, eating fast food may increase the risk for depression or diabetes, it is also a factor for heart disease and stroke, acne, dental distress, etc.

In opinion polls on the most common wishes, health always comes first. For most people, however, health is a matter of course. Only when someone is ill, he begins to be interested in his health. Of course, it would be better to behave in such a way that you don’t even get sick. That is relatively easy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key. But what actually means a healthy lifestyle? For a healthy lifestyle, you should eat right, be active, sleep enough and don’t smoke and drink alcohol. The healthy diet is the optimal diet. A diet that gives the organism what it needs. A diet that keeps you healthy all the time. People should consume more vegetables and fruit, fish and chicken and avoid eating fatty meat and artificial flavors and definitely not consuming processed food. It would be great if we had fresh fruit and vegetables all year round and of course enough time to prepare delicious, healthy food every day. There is certainly a healthier option in such restaurants that offer fast food too. Instead of taking a burger, we'd better take a salad. A crispy salad is just great in taste and makes you want to try it! Daily activity is really important and make sure that you get moving by doing something you actually enjoy.

In the beginning, it will be hard, but when you get used to healthy living, you will see that it is worth it. A healthy lifestyle is not an obligation, it is a choice that I think everyone should make because your body is like your temple and when you consume too much unhealthy food it’s like you destroy your temple. So the choice is in your hands.

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