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NE+WS | KA2 SMART - The work of the third transnational meeting ended in Brolo

After the first kick-off meeting in Macedonia last January and the second in Spain in May, the third transnational meeting between the Macedonian association FORUM ZA ISTRAZHUVANJE I MOBILNOST, the Italian association Sikanie, concluded in Brolo Spanish association Adefis Juventud international, the Croatian association Mladi za Marof and the Bulgarian association ICDET of the strategic partnership project Erasmus Sustainable Measures for Advanced Research and Training (SMART).

The main purpose of the project is to encourage the creation of organic production companies and to support the entrepreneurial spirit in this sector not only by motivating people but also helping them to understand the main reasons through a real knowledge of all aspects related to organic production and bringing them closer to a sustainable production model. Each phase of the project is based on active participation and on the involvement and responsibility of adults in organic production and in the development of business startups.

The Italian meeting served to fine-tune the work already done for the realization of a practical guide, printed and in digital, on the organic production situation in the individual countries of the partnership, with an economic analysis aimed at verifying if the nations involved in the project are ready for the development and sustainability of entrepreneurial activities in the area of ​​organic production. The next round of verification of the complete implementation of the guide also in digital format is scheduled in Croatia, in March 2019 and during the meeting we will also work on the preparation of the training course that will take place in Bulgaria in April 2019 for adults who they want to develop and put into practice what they have learned in theory. The realization of the guide has been edited by the Sikanie Association, with the collaboration of the project managers of each partner.

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