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PEOPLE+ | My experience with Erasmus+ program

My name is Nikol Georgieva Bochukova. I’m 18 years old student in Vocational High School of Architecture in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

My first experience with the International center for development of education and training was in November 2017. Back then with their help I joined the Erasmus+ project KA1- Sharing Backgrounds in Balan, Romania. There I had the opportunity to meet and exchange cultural traditions with people from Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania.

Almost a year later in October 2018 I took part in another Erasmus + project KA1 E-for-Work in Cosenza, Italy. There we were discussing our possibilities to work in foreign countries in Europe and we even had the opportunity to share our thoughts with a man who is working for the EU. The participants there were from Slovakia, Poland and Italy.

This two projects helped me to feel more confident and comfortable when I’m out of Bulgaria and the people around me have completely different traditions of religion, cuisines and mother language. This learned me that despite all the differences between us we can find things to bring us closer together and to create unforgettable memories and friendships that will last forever.

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