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Europeers Training Course

Training Course | 7-11 February 2019 | @ Liverpool, United Kingdom

Application deadline 08.01.2019

A training course for young people who have taken part in Erasmus+ projects. The training prepares participants to share their experiences, develop key skills and inspire other youngsters to get involved in European international mobility programmes.

EuroPeers are young people who have travelled to other countries to study, get work experience, or take part in education or youth projects. EuroPeers inform, motivate and support other young people to get involved in these life changing activities. EuroPeers promote Erasmus Plus and the European Solidarity Corps programmes. EuroPeers is a youth-led European network with annual meetings with training provided for its members on a national and international level.

Join us in Liverpool, United Kingdom at the beginning of February and spend 5 days with a group of motivated, internationally minded young people from all around Europe who are passionate about sharing their experiences with the European Voluntary Service, youth exchanges and other opportunities funded by Erasmus+. Share your European story, develop your leadership skills, learn about the newly launched European Solidarity Corps initiative and have some fun with like minded young people.

This training course will aim at covering the following skills and topics:

  • presentation and public speaking

  • community mapping

  • event organisation and management

  • project management and public relations

  • international networking and partnership building

  • exchange on national realities and best practices

This is a fully residential course (shared rooms) with all meals included. The course is open to participants age 18-30 from participating counties.


Youth work against Violent Radicalisation: competencies developement training

Training Course | 4-9 March 2019 | @ TBD, Italy

Application deadline 10.01.2019

The training will provide participants time, tools and input about the importance of growing community resilience that support the youth welbeing specially in critical social and political situation.

The role of youth work in this sense, is to activate process of community resilience that will facilitate the empowerment of youth toward situation of violent radicalisation.

Violence and violent radicalisation are phenomena to which youth are exposed and youth workers should develop specific competencies (or reinforce some) to develop a stronger counternarrative that will allow a stronger community resilience embracing them.

The training will, then, provide opportunities of sharing tools, reflecting about needed competencies and develop some of them and, specially, to valorise the experience already done on the field for reinforce the competencies. In fact, the 5 working days will provide reflection time, coaching tools and dialogue among peers to grow as professionals and reinforce when needed .

The training is open to all the youth workers and practitioners interested in reinforce their personal and professional competencies in working in building community resilience.


My Vote – My Impact. Europe Behind the Scenes

Seminar | 18-22 February 2019 | @ Lultzhausen, Luxembourg

Application deadline 16.01.2019

How can we have an impact in what is happening in Europe? How can we participate and shape democratic procedures? The seminar addresses current European challenges and future questions in the context of the 2019 elections for European Parliament.

The seminar “My Vote – My Impact” offers:

- some basic knowledge about Europe and the European Union.

- a visit of the European Parliament in Brussels to take a close up look at the democratic body, that’s up for election,

- getting to know different activities on how to have an impact on European, democratic procedures,

- meeting with people from initiatives from / with young people,

- a space to discuss and exchange our views about the future of Europe, and how to actively take part,

- ideas and inspiration to promote elections among and with young people.


Regaining Europe – The Role of Youth Work in Supporting European Cohesion

Conference | 12-15 March 2019 | @ Leipzig, Germany

Application deadline 20.01.2019

Aims of the conference:

Ideas and motivations to organize the conference are to create an environment for critical debate on European values and the future of Europe while making youth work more political and more European. Accordingly, the conference aims at reflecting on common European issues such as democracy, citizenship, solidarity and the social dimension of Europe as well at motivating and mobilizing participants, in particular young people, to act for the idea of a strong Europe. It will provide an opportunity to exchange on shared European values and the future of Europe and to deepen the dialogue beyond borders and between citizens.

The conference shall also contribute to the reflections on the new EU Youth strategy and the EU campaign “12 ideas”.

Target groups:

About 120 participants are expected to take part in the conference; among them will be youth workers from diverse levels and backgrounds as well as policy-makers, decision-makers, officials, researchers, stakeholders and members of European networks in the field of youth.

Selection criteria:

The organisers will aim at composing a group of participants representing the widest possible diversity of perspectives and experiences from across the European youth field. The composition shall be balanced and diverse in terms of geographical, gender, professional backgrounds including local youth work and youth movements from European level; social and/or cultural groups underrepresented in political dialogues will be particularly considered in composing the conference participant’s group.


Radicalization of Youth: Causes and Prevention

Conference | 12-14 March 2019 | @ Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Application deadline 20.01.2019

The conference aims to:

  • Present and discuss the findings of the latest research analyses which were conducted on the topic of radicalization, violent extremism and values of young people.

  • Share experience from youth work practice – good practice, problems and challenges from the field work.

  • Discuss the current challenges and strategies of youth and education policy.

  • Bring together the experts, researchers, youth workers and policy makers to advance a dialogue and create synergies

Target group:

  • researchers in the field of youth, youth policy, non-formal and formal education,

  • social policy, global security and other field relevant to analyze the issue of radicalization,

  • youth workers, social workers, community workers, educators,

  • policy makers and advisors,

  • representatives of public institutions from relevant sectors,

  • representatives of non-governmental organizations active in the field of youth work, prevention of radicalization and violent extremism, human rights education and education for democratic citizenship


The conference aims to provide an opportunity for various stakeholders to achieve fruitful discussion based on experience from the field of research, youth work and youth policy. Organizers will therefore consider balance regarding geographical representation, variability of stakeholders and participation format in the selection process.

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