USE+FUL | What qualities a young person should have in order to be a leader

What qualities a young person should have in order to be a leader. What made you strive for it?

A young person in order to be successful in the field in which he wants to develop must have certain qualities. In order to be a leader in his sphere he must have six very important leadership qualities.

  • The first quality is to have imagination, tenacity and principles. Young leaders must be ready to see the implementation of a project from start to finish. They must have a very strong system of values, be stubborn, determined, and be principled in order to be able to challenge their opponents with arguments.

  • Second to know how to build and work in a team. Each leader must be able to build a viable and capable team and be able to keep it. He must be able to recognize people's talents and respect their personalities. It is very important when each team member is created and teamed to feel at home and do something in common.

  • Third you have courage, self-esteem and faith. The true leader believes in himself and is open to constructive criticism. They pursue their goals with faith and passion. They never give up on the way to the goal.

  • Fourth to have a sense of humor. A good leader is able to see the funny side of things. Creating a successful plan involves creating many new friends, and humor helps.

  • Fifth to possess humility. True leaders know that they can always improve as individuals and as professionals and work on themselves.

  • Sixth to be human and honest.

True leaders are not greedy egoists. They intercede for their group, their friends, and they are always honest with others and in general are compassionate.

I strive to be a leader and have these six very important qualities. Because it will help me in the realm of my orientation, but not only professionally also in life. Because I think every one of us should be a leader in his own life. This project in Slovakia, the “Communication Masters”, helped me to develop my leadership skills and I had the opportunity to meet many new and young people who are improving themselves in being leaders.



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