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PEOPLE+ | Blended Mobility – Youth Exchange in Florence 24-30 November 2018

ICSE & CO organized the Blended Mobility in Florence. The target group were youth workers therefore the participants in the project were selected from Youth workers working as educator or in Youth organizations. The selection of participants in the project was carried out in accordance with the defined objectives and expected results of each Youth of the world project activity. In addition, the project carried out and constantly updated the analysis of target groups’ needs, aiming to effective achieving its objectives and the selection of the appropriate activities and methods. This target group was especially involved in Staff Training and in events and activities of dissemination. The selected participants worked with partners for the realization of the mobility. They animated locally and with the whole group of participants of the blended mobility and the preparatory meeting. Afterwards they organized with the partners the mobility activities and participated as facilitators. The participants at the mobility were 24 young people aged among 18-24. The mobility was held during the Global Education week.

The desired impact on participants was to increase their self-esteem and achieve an awareness of the important role they can play in their local communities if they are actively involved in community life such as a small gesture, but it can turn into something bigger. In the long term we expect the increase in participation in training activities both in the country of origin and European level and a greater sensitivity and active participation in the life of their communities. The awareness of the greater impact of their choices in the world and taking an active role in society as local and global citizens with a greater understanding of the complexity of the world and society The project provided a good and bad practice analysis to build a toolkit and tutorials to share among the stakeholders, training and locals events to share the knowledge and build a network of organizations focus on the practice of GE. Our strategic partnership engaged with various sectors across Europe in order to create its evidence base and educational tools but not limited to the youth led sector and many other civil society and public sector entities.


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