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PARTICIPATE+ | Long Term ESC in Slovenia

ESC "Familija – Kids in Action"

We would like to inform you about a volunteering possibility in Škofja Loka, Slovenia. We are searching for the volunteer, who would join the volunteering project named Familija – Kids in Action 5 for the period for 3,5 months, from 1st April until 15th July 2020. Selected volunteer will be involved in the work of Day Care center for children and youth Škrlovec as an equal member of the team and will take part in various activities such as organizing the daily routine, realizing workshops (cooking, sports, games, handicrafts, outdoor activities, cultural program…), realizing individual lessons with the children (assistance at homeworks, practicing English, conversation, playing games). Through his/her activities the volunteer will get familiar with the theory of preventing work with youngsters and with social care system in Slovenia. Placement is part of the Kids in Action 5 project, in which 5 other volunteers are already involved. Each of them works in his/her own local daycare center, but they also have an opportunity to realize projects within other local partner organizations in order to strengthen their involvement in local society.

You can find some details about the proposed project in the European Solidarity Corps database , the call is also published on FB group EVS & ESC vacancies . Another useful link might also be the Facebook group of Škofja Loka volunteers, where you can get a better image of how volunteers' everyday life looks like here.

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