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USE+FUL | BRIDGES – Eastern European Forum for Dialogue

My name is Laura and I am currently affiliated with a non-profit organization, called BRIDGES – Eastern European Forum for Dialogue. We are a cooperation circle of the URI (United Religions Initiative) global network. The organization itself is a leading one for promoting interfaith dialogue and young people’s participation in peace building and conflict resolution. Moreover, we have earned a reputation for delivering on our mission to create an inclusive society; bring together men and women from different religious and cultural backgrounds and aid them in recognizing and appreciating diversity.

I have recently been appointed as the youth leader of the organization. My main responsibilities are to be a helping hand in conducting workshops and training sessions, providing mentoring service, coordinating projects, translating project proposals into English, etc.

Some of the activities and events that we are proud of: six art exhibitions and four intercultural youth camps. We participated in three Erasmus + projects and four more are confirmed for the upcoming year.

The training course’s topic, namely “Culture as a tool for conflict resolution” coincides with many of the areas we tackle. In our work, we use conflict management tools such as dialogue in order to promote better understanding between members of the community. We encourage marginalized youth integration, as well as personal emancipation. Culture is a term that includes in itself many variables, identifying oneself is a really tough process for the adolescent. Our aim is to ease the process for self-identification and instill the sense of dignity in each individual that goes through the same experience.


by Laura Sani

Participant in

TC “Culture as a tool of conflict resolution” in Budapest, Hungary

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