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E+VENT | 35th anniversary of Erasmus+ Closing event

This year, the "Erasmus +" program turns 35years old!

On this occasion, on Wednesday, December 14th, we are organizing a special event where we will once again focus on the strong points and achievements of the program.

What does Erasmus+ mean for participants?

What should we improve to better meet their expectations?

What are the new features of the program and how has it changed over the past 35 years?

How to build on the achievements of "Erasmus +"?

These and many other questions will lead our discussion with over 350 participants – the founders of the program, representatives of national agencies, MEPs and representatives of the Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Council.

You can also join - on December 14 at 09:00. SET at this link


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